Sunday, July 23, 2017

Demolition of a Garden

Last Monday we pulled apart a prize winning fruit and veg. garden as the new owners only wanted 2 or 3 beds. It was definitely my dream garden, 10 large beds 6 of them caged, at least a dozen fruit trees.

Overgrown and unloved but such a perfect garden.

 The citrus trees were loaded and we took 2 buckets full of limes lemons and oranges for the members.

Lemons in front

Four of us took most of the day to load the trailer with all the wood and wire, and we still have to go back to finish it off. Gained lots of plants though, for the community garden, rhubarb, lemon grass,
princess lilies, an unknown bulb but suspect it another lily, bunching onions, oregano, strawberries.

Boards removed

 The soil is going to be bulldozed flat for lawn. Still two more beds to do, and leaving just the back ones. The plastic "glasshouse" has two beds either side and the owners are pulling that down as well.

Load of wood ready to take back.

Tuesday  was our normal Garden day and now we are changing to a Saturday, so those with keys open the gates on different days. 7 Beds are now rented so come spring the members will need more time. We went yesterday our first Saturday but it drizzled off an on and only 2 members popped in. We managed to fill a bed with herbs and put up a bean trellis.

In my own garden I have potted up new seedlings, mostly flowers, and planted some madagascar beans in t/rolls for the garden bean trellis.

The glass house is getting hot now and at some time will have to consider when to put the shade cloth on. It has been quite cold here recently and  last night it hit 4.7C  degrees and the apparent temperature 2.9C so a cold spell like this, still shows me to wait a bit.Love having the fire on though, but have to get a new supply of wood, this coming week.

Hope your week has gone well.

Till next time.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Checking Out Front Garden

Last year a red mustard plant grew out the back and this year one came up just at the entrance, at least I think its a mustard. The colour is wonderful so I took a photo to show you. We gets lots of comments as it looks magnificent, and roughly a metre across.

Red Mustard Plant

While out there, I decided to show the rest of the front garden.The snow peas are well on their way I planted last week, and the pink flowers of the purple peas look great, bit like a sweet pea in flower if you didn't know better.

Purple Podded Peas

The  planting of lots of bulbs, ranunculas, daffodils, babiana,  triteleia, freesias and muscari and created a flower garden with them, are growing well.

The Flower Garden

The row of garlic and perpetual leeks look healthy, and I am really pleased about the garlic, I hope that we get decent size bulbs with it. 

Garlic in Front Half

 Parsnips and tomatoes in the corner.

Parsnips have so Lush Green Leaves

 Carrots in different stages in the raised bed.

Carrot Bed

The glasshouse has a plethora of plants on the wet bed and I really need to start sorting them out, meanwhile the seeds in there are also growing well and I need to transplant them into some larger seedling trays.

The Glasshouse Wet Table
New Seedlings

Unfortunately  we  have been spending way  too much time with the Community Garden and I am getting behind.
The funding is sadly going slowly, I  have lowered the amount needed to $20,000 and our new aim for 1000 people to contribute $20 is now down to 880 needed, so it is progress. 75 days to go.

Till next time, stay safe.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

I Have Had a Birthday

What an interesting date 7/7/17 was and a special one for me being my birthday. Not only that my Brother and Sister in law were here from Melbourne by coincidence, to celebrate as well, our eldest daughter was up on holiday, and our local eldest son, who happened to be home alone as couldn't get a week off while the rest of the family enjoyed a holiday on the Gold Coast, also helped celebrate at a lovely local Indian restaurant. It was a really cold night, so lucky we had spicy meals. The biggest surprise was dinner and show present given for Wicked in London, our next holiday we are taking with the eldest daughter, from all the children. Don't you love family.

Great Present

This was all followed by dessert and coffee at the RSL and putting $10 through the poker machine. Certainly made my son's night as he won $144.00 while the rest of us were watching the final throws of the machine, which of course made the other patrons curious to come and see, then gave up in disgust that it wasn't "A Big Winning". For this family though it was both fascinating to watch and a great prize to get.

Part of my family

The previous day was spent with my mother, who didn't recognize my brother at all. We had lunch,
7 of us at Anchors Restaurant, the one we take mum regularly too on the river.

Lovely Water Views from Inside.

 It was fun but mum is now getting to the stage we find it hard to take her out. Difficulty trying to get in the car, and for some reason always head first, you don't realise how it is when maneuvering arms and legs to sit down, until you have to show an adult which bit goes in first and turning slightly to sit down, 10 minutes of struggling  with dementia and old bones, that cannot quite get the concept. Try hopping in your car slowly next time and recognizing your movements? Try going in head first also and you will get the picture.

Love being on the Water

John and I did another interview with the local community radio for the garden funding. It is pretty slow, which is a sad reflection on 70,000 locals. I am trying now to get 1000 people to donate $20 we can then get the basic pavilion up and actually start to hold all sorts of things, as we will have a place to go.

Our local Community Radio

The weather has been glorious this week, and between everything have done some more weeding, potted up seeds mostly flowers, and put them in the glasshouse. I ordered potatoes for  next months planting. Included also treelings as only $3- 5, maples, trees with flowers or colour. Only 5 but I am going to pot them on and when big enough plant at the Community Garden. Certainly couldn't fit another tree here. I need to take cuttings of herbs also for the Community Garden. Last Tuesday we had built some donated metal beds, so in these will go the herbs and strawberries.

Front is Quadrant for Pavilion and Back for the Community Share Gardens 

One thing with all this advertising is we now have 10 new members and rented out 7 beds. 14 members turned up which was a surprise as it is usually John and I every Tuesday, so madly had to find things for them to do. Can't keep it up though there is just so much without money to buy, for example, fruit trees, bricks, wood. I don't want the area madly dug up as then it has to be weeded, so much easier to keep it as lawn at the moment. We still have 4x3m x .75cm L shape beds to put in and 2 3mx1.5m beds as well. in the above quadrants. So still a little bit of work. The back is also where I will plant trees for shade and seating.

So this was my week.

 Till Next Time

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Digging for Health and Happiness

Well it has now started officially our crowdfunding campaign. What a week. Interviews with the local paper and we got on the front page. Article in the Advocate

Interviews with the ABC and another photo for their facebook site, and booked in for 2AirFM next week, a local community radio in their gardening section.

Collection Tin

A huge day yesterday at the Sawtell Chilli Festival, talked our heads off and a little hoarse today. So tired last night. Collected $95 in loose change from the people in the street.

Window We Stood in Front of All Day

Then the normal monthly meeting at the grounds, which is the first time there, after having them in a hallway in a hall. 22 people turned up, with 6 new members and 4 garden beds rented. So a good start. Now hoping the campaign will take off as a little slow, and everything rides on getting  a pavilion.
I was a little worried all week, as we have had a bit of rain but the day turned out lovely.
With all the printing of handouts, blowing up balloons, and gathering everything it is a wonder I had anytime to myself. There is a donation emblem now thanks to our youngest daughter if you would like to help us.

Only took 2 weeks for this to happen

 It  was just wonderful to go out to the garden,when I found a spare minute, and plant the new peas I had been growing in the pots, .

New Snow Peas Planted

Finally planted the last rose as well a Peace climbing one.

Planted in the Corner of Front Fence.

Cleaned up a few areas.

Flower and bulb bed.

Rescued my metal bird under all the foliage, and found some more sweet potato hidden, It is what you get with a rambling vine, never know where it sets roots.

The Metal Bird

The end of the week and I am quite tired. Early night again, the weather has turned quite cold as well so enjoying sitting by the fire.

This week Photobucket which I use to upload quite a few photos from my tablet in organized files, so I can work on the PC easier have decided to ban 3rd party hosting which means any uploaded to this blog. A lot of bloggers are very angry, as  up to 14 years of photos have been banned without any warning, so excuse any non photos as I go through them and replace them all. Not going to pay the $400 to un-ban them.  Not an easy task after only two years.

Till next time

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Exciting Happenings for the Community Garden

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, with the Community Garden. Finally we finished the video and uploaded it to Chuffed which is the Crowdfunding Company we are dealing with. An  Australian company that the Sawtell Cinema used and had a successful fundraising, launching it at the Chilli Festival this time 2015, to save the cinema and update everything.

Image result for sawtell cinema
Sawtell Cinema
 We got notification last Monday that approval had been given and to go ahead and launch ours when ready, so I decided to write to the Chilli Festival organizers to see if we could fit in a table somewhere and was very surprised and thankful they found room for us. They had been booked out since April.
 Nine days left of planning was a bit quick for us, but with an expected 7000 visitors on the day, the opportunity to launch Sat. 1st. July was too good. It is so exciting.

Once that happened I emailed the Editor of our local Advocate Paper, and got a phone call 10 minutes later, and she loved our video and concept and wanted to do a write up. Next day now Thursday had a phone interview and met the photographer at the gardens for several photos. The editor is going to keep helping over the next 90 days with continual updates in their "garden"" section.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sky, cloud, tree and outdoor
Bob, John and Graham (President) put the sign up today.

We did a quick whip around to the President and Secretary to get some ideas, and  decided hopefully to hang some pictures on a wall behind us, and hand out as much information we could on the day. John has now been madly designing and printing flyers and  putting big size letters for the link on cards and making up templates for those who will leave emails, to donate when they get home. So much work in so short of time.

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”
Ben Carson

If all goes to plan this Community will have a wonderful start. Once we get a roofed pavilion, BBQ and Pizza Oven established, it gives so much scope to hold meetings, to teach and to just have fun.

Wouldn't something like this be nice.

Then if there is enough to get a ride on mower we will be over the moon. One thing I do want is a neat and tidy garden where you can relax under trees, meet friends, or garden in one of the beds. Then join in a social occasion or come to an annual fair. Lots more members would be a great help as well.

Image result for bbq and pizza oven
Something like this under the pavilion would be brilliant. 

If all this didn't keep me busy enough, this weekend is another scrapbook event, at the Guide Hall so I was packing and sorting and printing photos all day Friday between washing as well. Pizza for tea that night.

Early in the Day

 Yours truly

Tomorrow Sunday there will be 19 turning up to "scrap" the most we have ever had. There used to be 5 of us meeting at each others house. Times are certainly changing.

To help us please pass the link onto as many friends you can. Thank you.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

An Odd Week

I have been thrown out of kilter this week, but haven't a clue why? Was it because Monday was the Queens Birthday holiday and I didn't go to Embroidery class. Tuesday was messed up, and I didn't go to community garden as had to join a new bank account with a fellow "gardener" and that took forever. Plus spending a lot of computer time trying to get the funding programme together, which is now finished thankfully and just have to apply to Chuffed for approval.

Maybe it's because Wednesday was Hospital infusion day, or that it has been heavily raining most of the week, because Friday was  a 5 load wash day, due  to us going away the weekend before, is still on the line 2 days later, still partially wet.

Picked another driveway pumpkin.

Don't get me wrong the week wasn't a dead loss. Made 2 tracksuits for the twins and finished off a cardigan for Miss V. It was their 4th birthday yesterday.  Visited mum, and washed and cut her hair, which she puts up a fight with when the nurses do it. Made sourdough bread successfully, still learning.  John managed to mulch the prunings left over from last week, so the area looks a little cleaner.

We had to leave most of it for a nice day to clean up, today is sunny but not going out to the garden have quite a bit to do in the house instead.

From the mulberry tree will use to re-do my little twig fences.

Pruned to half their size. What a mess!

Looking forward to making this a strawberry bed.

Yellow Climbing Rose moved last month has come to life. So glad.

Good news is the 5 bare root  Roses arrived and I have managed to plant 3 of them. I chose 3 from Brindabella range as good for high humidity areas, yellow, and 2 red, a climbing Peace Rose and an Old soft pink English  Rose that I will really have to keep my eye on.

Pink David Austin  -Chaucer.
Red Brindabella and a Pink Miniature Rose
Yellow Brindabella
The climbing snow peas on the bicycle wheel frame are just about finished so I started some new pea seeds in T.Rolls and squared them up to fit in the meat tray. So easy and quick to do and great for those plants that take off like legumes. Plant the pot and all. Good for most seeds really, have done tomato, cucumber, zucchini, silver beet in them as well.

Squash down both sides and cut up edge.
Fold bottom over.

Planted Green Snow Peas.

Better to pull our now so new ones can come on.

Today I am going to get my planner up to date. Write out yet another to do list. Plan for visitors in July,  rescue the washing, and hopefully feel like I am in control again. Hope your week was a good one.

Till next time stay safe.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend At The Gold Coast with John Williamson

The children sent a surprise to John for his birthday last month, being two tickets to a famous Australian country singer, John Williamson, for a concert at his property in a specially  built shed named Willowshed. He lives on top of a steep mountain, at Springbrook, Queensland.

On the right track

View of Willoshed with Old Man Emu

 It rained the whole weekend, torrential in fact, so made for scary driving, and at the property which was so steep and muddy, John had to use 4WD, which he secretly enjoyed.

We walked up to the Shed

 They had a jeep taking some  people up but we walked in the rain, as it had stopped to a drizzle luckily.

Fire was going outside and a sausage sizzle and drinks being served inside.

 Area you can see toilets and sausage sizzle under cover.

Our tickets were actually metal discs, and when handed in both of us received a Navy Enamel Mug, with Willowshed, printed on them. A lovely souvenir to have for our camping trips.

Metal tickets

The show was really good, only 200 guests per visit, and we had an hour wait before the show to look at all the bits and pieces on the walls. Drink tea, eat sausages. A lot of guest did BYO.

One of many walls with old paraphernalia
Stage all set up.
He had with him a violin/ accordion player plus another guitar/melodica player.

Seating for show

200 people fitted quite comfortably and easy to see him high on the stage. Just about all the men had akubra type hats on.

We ended up buying a double, lined up for it to be signed and with a photo of the two of us.

He looked like this for all the photos lol

View on our walk back to the ute.

We stayed at a Air B &B, in Nerang,  which was modest but cheap and the hostess was very nice, and owned 2 spoilt dogs.

Charlie and Buddy

We also  visited Carrara markets, for breakfast Sunday morning, and looked around at what shops were left, due to the Commonwealth  Games using the area next year.

Johns favorite hat shop

The drive  home was in mostly torrential rain as it never stopped all weekend. We played the new CD which actually was 4 separate ones, all the way back. Stopped at Evans Head an old Christmas holiday haunt  that our families went to when we were still at school, and didn't recognise anything, but had a lovely cup of coffee and cake at the bakers shop.

The first thing I did was light the fire to dry out the house. We had empty buckets in the garden all full of water. This is twice now we have gone away in the rain. Hope you enjoyed our little trip

Till next time.