Monday, September 18, 2017

Holiday Time Again

We are getting ready to go on an overseas holiday with our eldest daughter. She loves to travel but not on her own so as we visited our youngest last year, decided we would go again this year. It meant another long year of saving hard and giving up a few things, but we made it. This time heading off to Greece for a 12 day bus/boat trip, via London for 4 nights, and back through Singapore for 6 days.

Globus Bus in Greece
Looking up the weather have had to pack for the autumn in London with under 20C temp and 20 - 30C in Greece but over 30C in Singapore. Watching this week Greece is going to hit 36C so a bit of a wake up for us.

12 kgs. not bad

I decided to pack small and ended up putting in 2 skirts as I prefer them for hot weather, 2 jeans and lighter slacks. 3 shirts for each outfit with a couple of lacy ones for dinners and such. Not forgetting our Theatre visit and dinner as well for my birthday present. Shoes were fancy thongs for real hot weather, a flat pair for Singapore and joggers for climbing up to the ruins of Greece. Plus I am carrying a jacket and hat. All of this fitted into my carry on bag but it weighs more than 7 kgs so will put it through as normal. I will still have a carry on with overnight things as we have a stop over in Singapore on the way. 8 hrs to there and then 13 hours to London. Then 4 hrs to Greece after 4 days. It is too far for us now in one go.

Tickets all ready.

I have also been working on a holiday planner, cutting out pages, and using my dies for days of the week, taking a weather stamp set, glue, stapler, pens of course.

Sizzix Dies

My aim is to collect bits and pieces as I write about my day and cut out and stick things in as well. Will still collect brochures for my Scrapbook album, but this is just a diary so I remember which day is what.

New page New Day.

So we are all ready, getting excited.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Visiting the Mosaic Wall

On a recent weekend we took our guests to the town of Nambucca Heads, to visit the mosaic wall. Although I have driven passed it previously this was the first time I actually got out of the car and walked the full length of it, approximately 30 metres.

Bus Stop at the End

The wall is in the main street in front of the Police Station  and  actually a combination of sculpture and tiling. It was a built by volunteers under the artist Guy Crossley, and started in 1996.


I wasn't all flat like a traditional mosaic.

Part of a seat.

What was amazing was all the old china, and wall plates used.

Used lots of Mugs

One of Few Flat Mosaics.

Plate in Middle

Looking the other way, notice the blue crocodile in the distance.

There was a large flat seat area at the end at the Bus Stop.

Unique Way to Wait for the Bus.

Plus this chair.

Nifty Seat.

Also spotted a few rubbish bins.

I highly recommend looking at this should you be passing. These are just a few pictures.

We ended up having a trip to Bellingen to the Old Butter Factory and afternoon tea at our favorite restaurant that we take mum, The Anchors Cafe on the water.

Wonderful day out.

 Till next time..

Sunday, September 3, 2017

All About Vegetables

Last time it was all  about the flowers, but this week I have been working on the vegetable seedlings. I had started some bean seeds on paper towels and had to plant them.

Climbing Black Mexican, Purple King, Dwarf Windsor Long Pod.

These I planted where the peas were but with new soil and lots of new manure.

Beans planted here, need to put up new strings.

I re-potted all the tiny seedlings as they were all getting bigger which I will plant in a  few weeks. By the time the broccoli are ready to pull out, the seedlings can go in. There are tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, chinese celery, some flowers.

All sorts of plants here on the self watering table.

So while I was in the glasshouse potting up, also decided I had better put up some shade cloth to cut down the heat. It has been as low as 5 and 6C overnight but during the day the mid 20's, and the glasshouse gets really hot. Then I swept it out and tidied up in general.

Might need more later but this will do for now.

 Having the manure also meant piling it up around what was already in to give them a boost. Fed the Citrus, sprayed and fed the roses also, they are all coming in to leaf now and look lovely. The vegetables from winter are all progressing nicely and I have been picking, broccoli, leeks, tomatoes, lettuce, and cabbage and lots of flowers.

Front garden with glass house in back
Flower garden in front.

 Meanwhile in the garden planted cucumber, beans and climbing beans as mentioned,  yellow and green zucchini, button squash, one Roma tomato as it got so big, 4 smaller ones Thai Pink, Bumblebee, Tropic and Scorpio, button squash,  and more spinach.

Broad Beans

Garlic Bed.
4 Tomatoes and a transplanted Basil.

This week was also my hospital infusion, and a heart Dr. visit which I passed with flying colours, it has been 6 months since I went haywire with that and now don't have to go back for 2 years to do the treadmill thing again, just my normal yearly check up.

We had a slight sprinkle of rain one night this week, but I couldn't tell next morning, more wind than anything. Seems to be raining elsewhere in Australia, just not in this pocket.  Having to cart more and more water down to the community garden is also wearing a bit thin and I have no clue how to fix that either. 

Till Next Time, stay safe everyone.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Spring Flowers

The garden is starting to produce all the flowers from the bulbs I bought way back in April on our trip to Melbourne. The new sweet peas Pink Lady smell absolutely lovely and fill the area with aroma.

Pink Lady Sweetpeas

The Ranunulas are coming up in all sorts of colours and I really love them as you get more than one flower, which is all that the daffodils usually do.


While my friends were staying with us we pruned back all the roses except the white one and I have been rewarded with all its flowers as well. President Kennedy is its name.

Love my Roses

So if you count the marigolds, azaleas, snowdrops all over the place the odd daffodil the garden is looking a treat.

During the week we also had an offer to collect a trailer load of cow manure. I have never seen such a large amount of it before. The farmer actually spreads it on his fields but we were allowed to have a couple of trailers full one for us.

Full Trailer Disappearing out the Gate.

Looking from the Gate up. All Manure.

It has been a busy week, visited the community Gardens and planted seedlings there as well. Climbing Beans, Zucchini, Cucumber, Short Beans, Luffa, Gourds, Flowers Tatsoi, Spinach and Kale. Most from our planting day.

Wishing it would rain, feeling like drought mode.

Till Next Time, Stay Safe.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Strawberries and Potatoes

This week I have been planting potatoes. I bought a "special" from Garden Express 1 kg. of King Edward, Desiree and Nadine.

Desiree on top, Nadine Left and King Edward Right

I haven't got room in the garden, so I thought Pots would do, but I didn't anticipate just how many a kilo of each is, some were quite small. Round and round the garden I went collecting pots, green planting bags, and anything that held soil.

Looking Down on my Working Area

John has an old wheelbarrow top so I used that to put in any soil I could find, plus some perlite, and some fine mulch he chipped from the fruit trees, that we pruned hard. Added some blood and bone, and 1/4 bag of sheep manure and mixed it all up.  While I was at it decided to also thin the strawberries from their hydroponic pots.

Strawberry Hydroponic Area.

The strawberries had sent off new ones and the pots were very crowded, I thinned these and put one back in the pots with new soil and also started any others in the bigger hydroponic pots we have.

Sorting it all Out

Meanwhile back to the potatoes. Two of the pots I emptied had small potatoes in them, what a bonus. They are great boiled up with a bit of butter and chopped parsley. Although you shouldn't plant potatoes or tomatoes in the same soil, by mixing up my mixture I feel I eliminated any possible disease.

Not a Lot but Enough for Dinner. Drying in the Sun.

I ended up with filling 13 potato pots no less, most had 3 potatoes in them. Before I put the potatoes in I did one shovel of soil, a sprinkle of Chicken Pellets, then another shovel full of soil, then the potatoes, and covered them up quite thickly. They will grow easily through all this, then I will add more soil.

Desiree in this lot.

The King Edwards took up the most, there was quite a few small ones.

King Edwards

Down to the bags and one pot for the Nadine.

Nadine Potatoes

The strawberries all went back in to the 4 pot holders nice and neat.

Right Side

Left side

Finally the excess plants went into the bigger hydroponics area. Let's hope I get lots of strawberries after all this effort.

Juliette Strawberries.

Still have to clean up, aahhhh that can wait.

Till next time.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Plethora of Seeds

I wrote to 8 seed companies recently on behalf of the Community Garden, and low and behold last Friday week received a box full from the Greenpatch Seed Company. Lettuce, Corn, Cucumbers, Luffa, Gourds, Tomatoes, Celery, Beans, Zucchini, to name a few, and some very different varieties to what I am used to and mostly more than one pack, in some cases 4, 5 and 6. Interestingly 2 packets of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin that keen growers use for the biggest pumpkin in shows, the one you need a truck for.

Image result for giant pumpkins
One Giant Pumpkin.

I was just getting used to all  these  70 packs in all, when 2 days later another box full arrived from Mr. Fothergills this time. More different varieties and some new ones like Beetroot, Basil, Coriander, Chives, Cumin, Cabbage, about another 70 packs. Again more than one packet of the same seed. I am very grateful to these two companies for helping this community out.

Seed Company Donations.

Today was my Garden day, and I had sent a note out to everyone to come and plant seeds, now that we had heaps. No water mind you, unless we take it, but heaps of seeds. Slow and steady, is how we are, but I do wish the water came first before anything else.

Looks Promising

 Two of my dear friends up from Melbourne also helped, both  to make 3  new climbing frames and finish off our last wooden bed and plant seeds along with my sister, a member, and 2 other members. In all we had 12 today, so having been the first Sunday of our new day instead of Saturday a good turnout.

The Last Wooden Bed to be Built. John, my friend Graeme at back , and member Javan.

John is very glad to have this part of the beds finished as he was building them with the members help.

Members Rented Allotments 20 in all.

2 Corners, 2 Middle, and  2 Corner Beds,  Either Side of the Path, dividing quadrants.

Left hand side of the above garden is the Community Part. The right had side will have the Pavilion. Eventually a table will fit in the space left in the Corner Beds. In the distance on the LHS you can see the  3 double width climbing frames.

LHS Back  had 3 x Single Width Climbing Frames

We built today 3 single width climbing frames for Madagascar beans, Luffas and Miniature Gourds. These are a bit more permanent and their shade will go into the area for trees and seating behind the double climbing frames.

Climbing Frames and Beds.

Another tiring day, but as a special occasion for my friends who will sadly be leaving tomorrow Roast Lamb tonight. Yay!!!!

Till next time.